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Snowbabies are artfully designed to capture the beauty and splendor of winter. Each Snowbaby miniature tells a story that makes it unique and special. Love, friendship and inspiration are common themes of the Snowbabies figurines and ornaments. They make great gifts for loved ones!

We have dozens of different Snowbabies in stock, both new and discontinued items.

3 tweets.jpg
candy striper.png
tag along cub.jpg
lot of love.jpg
gay apparel.png
skating with friends.jpg
waiting for santa.jpg
bird talk.jpg
trouble with cats.jpg
quit elfin around.jpg
skate dance.jpg
elfish and bright.jpg
spinning a christmas tree.jpg
wrapped in warmth.jpg
snow words of wisdom.jpg
joyful angel.jpg
peace prize.jpg
make this nest your home.jpg
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